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Conditions of Access

General conditions

Access is granted for day trips only.

All legal requirements for public land and waters apply equally on the station. Fishing bag limits shall be adhered to.

You must report your visit each time you access the land. Use the Log Your Visit form to do so.

Before annual access is granted, you must agree to indemnify the owners of Finniss River Station against any action arising from damage to life or property.

You are responsible for visitors that you take with you.

Activities that are NOT permitted

The following activities are NOT permitted:

  • Overnight camping

  • Carriage of firearms
  • Dogs
  • Access to inland areas away from the beach
  • Fires
  • Littering

Taking care of the country

Please take all litter with you.

Report any suspicious or unusual behaviour, either directly to the Police or via our online form.

Please stay away from the base of land dunes as turtles nest here.

Watch out for crocodiles which inhabit all waters on the property.

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